"KIGURUMI-YA" Onbake's SL shop おんばけの てづくり きぐるみ ぬいぐるみ :  Extra story about the kappa. 河童についての余分な話。


 Extra story about the kappa. 河童についての余分な話。

Kappa is the specter of Japan.
In the monster of freshwater habitats, it has attributes and anecdotes related to the waterside rivers and lakes, and swamps.

Awareness that has been changed is about to cast one of the companion was another monster in "Journey to the West" of imported products.
It is a story about a major character caught in classic literature such as "ear bag" is listed.



Kappa was born a drowning, a "drowned body of a person known as" "specter of death" in nature.
I know you'll be well examined "Kodama ass" as Kappa prefer.
(Story form part of the parietal hair undone in the drowning theory different from the following, have been put up Bald pressure was usually reveal that, original)

I'm afraid a common saying in the topic, as a "monster targeting the ass" in relation to Kodama ass, was also active in the erotic picture story as the character of sexual perversion.
This may be the symbol of the same flow extremes of life and death and have fused in the media of all ages and countries.
Age progresses, eating cucumber or wrestle, kappa was appointed to the presence there love to fail or drunkard or red-light district.
Werewolves and vampires as characters from horror became, I was on in the same way as our other monsters also kappa "lovable character".



Kappa had also been staged as a "sign of ecology" why in Japan at the end of the 20th century.
  In the absence of a soul, the soul specter that it may be replaced according to the age.

Kappa costume I made this design was based on the turtle.
Kappa original material taken from the theory that it was turtles and monkeys.
Image that has been immobilized telescopic limbs like a turtle sea turtle like.
I tried to make that kind of thinking.

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